Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Forced to be a bimbo - or is it a better life? (Part I)

From today on i will present a little story of one of the girls that is living since a few months at our house. Her name is Debbie. But let her tell us her story on her own:

"Hi, my name is Deborah Pendelton. I am 36 years old. My life until now was pretty normal. Some would say it was lonely, or not very intersting, even boring. I had a normal youth, was never much interested in the obvious affairs that normal girls were. Some even would say i am a loner, a lone wolf. Yes i never was interested in things, that most girls and woman are interested in. From my early time at school, all called me intelectually gifted. And yes, as i was always a contained person i would never have claimed that, i assume thea were right. After my first months in elementary school, the teachers also thought so, especially my skills in mathematitcs must have impressed them. After several tests i was promoted directly to junior high. They stated that i have a IQ of 158 - what is very uncommon. And shortly after joining a normal high school i was sent to a special school for highly gifted, childs of high intellegence. To make a long short story short, when i was 12 i started to visited the college, and in a very short time i gained a masters degree in mathematics and as somehow the universe catch my interest - i promoted further to a Master in Anstromy and Astrophysics. Yes, i guess i was really highly gifted. For myself i never thought much about that, and to be open i never though a lot about my life. Even i was still a teenager mostly, i devoted my life completly to science and the secrets of the universe. My life did go on like that for nearly 20 years. I was in a team that was doing research in the area of dark energy and dark matter (See here for what that means: )

Some months ago, i was just reading some essay's about Misconceptions of the big bang, in a cafe not far away from the institute where i was working, a elderly gentleman approached me and he must have noticed what i was reading. He started to show some interest in what i was reading.

I never had any interest in males, nor woman, of course i did talked to others, some would have said i was a Nerd, just interested into the science where i was living for. This man, Fred was his name, did show some interest in what i was reading. And even it seems he was not a scientist himself, he had some basic knowledge about physcial cosmology. Some would have said that i had at that time, not the patience to explain someone that has not a basic understanding about the real principles of the universe. With Fred it was different, he had some knowledge, and show some real interest in my work. Fast we had a interesting discussion, and Fred had my attention because of that. But to talk about science was my only interest with him. As said men never interested me, i even not had a boyfriend in my life, because such things just not were important for.

We had some drinks and discussed futher about science. And as i was always interested in chess, we even did play chess. He was pretty good at it - but in the end i won. As usual. Fred was 71 and a widower, but more i did not know about him, as i was general not much interested on otherones details of life.

As it was time to leave, we made a date for the next date to discuss the matters of science further...

What happens next? Read Part 2 in a bit on this blog...

Friday, May 26, 2017

How to wear Fully Fashioned Stockings

Here something, very intersting for all our beautifull housewifes, girls that like to dress vintage like me, and for everybody that always wanted to know how to wear fully fashioned stockings right...

Vintage fully Fashioned Stockings [ with seams ] should be rolled right down to the toe before putting on.

They should be rolled on gently and eased over the heel.

They should then be rolled slowly up the leg and the seam should be checked for straightness as this is done. Stockings should always be put on while the wearer is seated and with the legs lightly bent. The suspender should be fastened while the knee is bent and never too tightly, nor more than half-way down the welt. The side suspender should be at the side, and if the position of the suspender on the garment to which it appears to fall too far behind the line of the hip, it should be moved slightly forward, for the sake of the life of the stocking.

Never smoke while putting on nylon stockings, as the minute particles of hot tobacco ash will melt through the nylon yarn and holes and ladders are bound to result. This accounts for many customers’ complaints that their stockings have given way, despite the fact that they had never been snagged or damaged in wear.

Friday, May 19, 2017

A day in the life of a fuck toy

As i am aware that some of my readers of this block are into Bimbofication  i should share something i stumbled over recently.

A day in the life of a fuck toy

6 AM: Get up. Get breakfast, but not too much. You don’t want to become fat. Put on make-up. Make yourself pretty. You know that is your purpose.
6.45 AM: Go back to bed where your man is still sleeping. You know how to wake him up. Get his cock out and into your mouth. Nothing says “Good morning” like a proper blowjob. Swallow. Cum is an important part of your diet.
7.10 AM: Make and present the breakfast for your man. When he’s eating, be sure to stay close to him, on your knees. You never know you can make yourself useful.
MORNING: When your man is off to work there is plenty for you to do. First of all, you need to work-out. If you’re not skinny, you are not appealing. If you’re too hairy, you’re not appealing. Being appealing is crucial. You are interchangeable, so you need to be the best fucktoy you can be. Look in the mirror and point out any flaw you spot. Confront yourself with what is standing in the way of you being pretty, appealing and the best fucktoy possible.
NOON: Eat, but again, not too much.
AFTERNOON: Time to do the chores. You don’t want your man to come home after a long day in an untidy, messy house. Clean, iron, scrub. You can always make sure doing chores enhances your obedience. Do it naked, scrub the toilet with a toothbrush, lick the floor with your tongue. Everything you do is to become more obedient. The only thing you need to use your brains for is to think how to become a better toy.
EVENING: Your man is coming home after a long day’s work. Welcome him. Present your holes, in case he needs stress relief. Best way to do this is by getting naked on all fours and making sure the first thing he sees is your cunt and ass. You can also put some tools and toys next to you, a belt, a whip, etc. Just in case he really needs to ventilate. After that it’s time for you to cook. Present the food and ask him politely if you’re allowed to eat as well. Eat from the floor. It shows you know your place.
The rest of the evening you’re at the disposal of your man. If he wants to watch football, make sure he gets his beer and snacks and be a good footrest for him. If he wants to have sex, be his fuckdoll. Suck him off, let him fuck your holes, let him slap you, let him spit in your face, etc. You are just a tool for his amusement and well-being. Nothing gives you a better opportunity to show that then during sexual servitude.
NIGHT: Off to bed. Brushing teeth first. You don’t want your man to find you smelly in any way (except your moist cunt, of course). Look in the mirror. Think about your day. Have you been appealing enough? Have you been obedient enough? Even if you think you have, ask your man if there is anything he needs. If the answer is yes, do as told. If the answer is no, thank him for giving you value.
It’s all in a day’s work.


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Beeing the housewife

Since i am married, my lovely husband sometimes expect from me that i am the perfect housewife. I assume he want to achieve that i know my position in our relationship. I am very aware of it. Every woman should adore and demurely follow the guidance of her husband, even when she normally tend to give otherones orders.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Real Life: Enema and diapers

Today while surfing the web i found a interesting recommendation, so to say, for a combination of Enema's and diapers. Orginally that is not so much my interest, but it has some aspect that is rather kinky and worth to discover more...

Mmm. I don’t remember where I originally saw it (probably the old wetset forums), but this is the photoset that turned me on to combining bondage with diapers and/or enemas. 

Imagine: You’ve been bound, administered a high-volume enema, and put in a clean diaper. You’re instructed to hold the enema for 20 minutes and promised much kinkier punishment if you ruin your fresh diaper.
This shouldn’t be a problem.. You’ve held similar-quantity enemas for just as long before. But unknown to you, you’ve been doomed from the start. Your enema was laced with a laxative to ensure your failure.
Before long, your insides start to gurgle and cramp. Your breathing becomes heavy, and small beads of sweat start to form on your skin. You groan through your gag and clench your hole as tight as you can, but your body has other plans. Within less than a minute (though you swear afterwards that it felt like an hour), your hole betrays you by loosening slightly. The pressure inside of you takes care of the rest. Your body is trembling with a combination of relief and excited panic as the entire contents of your bowels gush out into your diaper. 
You’re informed that you only had two minutes left to go, but almost doesn’t count! Did you forget that there was an even kinkier punishment in store for you if you failed?
I usually prefer being a sub, but that’s a situation I wouldn’t mind being on either end of. >:D
         What cool as punishment would also like to

Orginally from tumblr.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

A sunday out for Christine

Some months ago i post a bit about my daughter Christine and her treatments. One part inbetween i forget to mention. Christine had a special wheelchair for some time, actually it were three months or a bit more until she get the thomas splint device.

At that time we had nice walk on a sunday outside. Christine did enjoy it a bit, besides  she was of course a bit shy of her apperance.

First we had some fresh air outside, but i was not so amused walking around in the grass and mud in my highheels, even in the Wheelchair Christine had to use always it was not very nice. We did vist a museum then.

With the special glasses Christine had to wear, it was difficult to get a good view from the pictues that were shown in the exibiton, as it was indoor, i could open the sunglasses that were attached ontop of her special glasses, but it was still difficult for her. I described the art as good as possible for her.

We also had a look at the gift shop of the museum. That was the time when Christine asked me to check her ilesotomy pouch. We left the muesum and i looked for a empty place, where no other people may see that i had to change her waste bag.

It was a sunny day, so after that chage we had a nice talk outside, and both enjoyed the sun a bit.
More of Christine and others soon on this blog.

Saturday, February 18, 2017