Saturday, December 2, 2017

You need some beauty treatment?

My son in law opened finally and officially his Beauty Parlour. Fil is a handsome young gentleman that knows what is important for every woman of style. He offer you the following services:

- Hairstyling
- Mainicure
- Pedicure
- Full Makeup
- Massages
- Stay at the spa
- and he will join you to every shopping trip you like, and assist you patiently with adivice and help.

Interested? Then call Fil Korhonen or visit his beauty parlor in world at Red Island

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Obey right! :)

What a stunning picture i stumbled over today...had to share it! For more like this have a look here:

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Lovely maid

It is sunday - so a opportunity to spent the afternoon teatime in the right dress...

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Friends and Family: Yvon Rhode

In the next months i will present short introductions of friends and our family members here on this blog. The start comes von Yvon Rhode - a long time friend of me:

Yvon was born and raised in a well-to-do family, received top education which came to a sudden halt during her second year at the university when her dad’s company went bankrupt. No servants and maids, on a very low budget living in a cheap apartment, her parents deceased within a year.
Without any financial support  Yvon accepted a job as teacher at a high class boarding school for young ladies where she stayed for a number of rather pleasant years. It was at that time that she met Redath Pearle and a few of her staff, Rose and Lina, at Redath’s  Institute.
When one of her distant aunts died, she inherited a substantial sum, which allowed Yvon to stop with her job, much to the chagrin of many of her riper pupils…. She is now 43, an attractive classy lady, always perfectly dressed. Being wealthy, she could afford to take up long distance sailing, and usually travel throughout the year visiting interesting places and lady friends. It was during one of these recent journeys that she met her old friend Redath again, who revealed that she had married Tack Fadel, stopped with her work as orthodontist, and closed the Institute.
Recently Yvon had the pleasure in meeting Redath’s daughter Debbie (here raising the eyebrows almost unnoticeable), her protégée Anna, and very briefly only, her tastefully dressed, delightful and well behaved daughter Maria.
Yvon has no fixed abode, but when not staying with friends, lives in the ‘Pink Lady’, a small but luxury yacht which is her pride and joy, normally moored at the Nantucket Yacht Club, if not sailing.

Issues have to be solved

 To have a forced feminized daugher is not always easy- and can keep you busy...

Sary was in general doing good in the last months. It seems she get used to her new life, as woman. Until a special evening - i decided that it is time for her to go out - as she is still in her 20s to a posh club of course. I dressed her up, she already was a bit stubborn when i show her what dress i want her to wear, when i told her that i expect that she try to get known to some boys, and expect that she return with one in the evening from the club, she get upset. Her former male behaviour come through, and she behave really bad....

...after 10 minutes of drama, i told her to stop, take her on her hand and lead her to a special room in our house.

 She was underessed partly and placed over my lap. You can imagine, what then follow. To stop her obscene behaviour she get a spanking.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Forced to be a bimbo - or is it a better life? (Part 2)

Here the sequal to Forced to be a bimbo - or is it a better life? (Part I):

For the next sunday, i was busy working at the institute through the week, without any time for any leisure - i agreed to a date with Fred again. He invited me to visit a park in nature. When i left my apartment, i thought a moment, that i was not out in nature for years. I travelled sometimes to some radio telescope, a year ago, but i had no eyes for the nature around, just was busy with my work.

I wondered a bit when Fred invited me to a little excursion with a small motor boat, a long the lakes and ponds in that park area. Nothing what would have interested me, but in the end i give in and joined him. I must admit that is was somehow relaxing. Fred was driving the boat and i had the opportunity to relax a bit in the backseat. I remember a small discussion we had, when i wanted to drive the boat at first - but he said: "Thats, men's work."

After a while Fred stopped the boat, we did not talk very much while had the trip - as the boat to loud to have a conversation. I retrospect for myself a bit about the work of this week. I did with some collegues some very ambitious calculation on the use of Interferometers and the detection of gravitational waves. Our goal was to improve the ways to detect this Gravitational wavesm that are ripples in the curvature of spacetime that are generated in certain gravitational interactions and propagate as waves outward from their source at the speed of light. But the sudden stop of the boat was stopping my thoughts. Fred helped me out of the boat, and we were in the middle of the nature. He said we should have a nice walk back together through the woods. And yes it was intersting, to experience natrure. But Fred and I also had a nice discussion about my work of the week. He was not an expert of course, on what i did, there are not much people in the world that really understand, what we do - but he has interest, and was able to follow me. Throughout this talk we had, while we roam through the wood, he did take my hand. Of course i noticed his touch, even i had never a boyfriend or so before, and such romatic feelings were nothing i really was interested in at anytime, i take his hand also. And it was interesting. Somehow...

I started to like this afternoon with him, we rest in the middle of the grass somewehre at a great looking spot near a little pond. It was the first time i did ask him a bit about what he was doing. I never really recognized that Fred was much older then me. He was 71, while i was 35 myself. He was retired, and before that he was an senior engineer that was constructing bridges. That catch a bit of my interest and we talked a bit about what he has done in his work life. He was rather successfull with his own company, and wealthy so to say. His wife died 10 years ago, and he was a single widow. He did smile when he told me that. And he added that he is available. For myself i did not get him, and what he mean about that, at this time. But i did notice that he had some interest in me, and yes i did like him also.

After we stumbled out of the wood, we find a nice restraunt which we visited. Our topics in our talk, changed from construction design, and science to topics about our self. Fred was really interested about me. And somehow i noticed myself how empty my life was, that i just was focused on my work. I never regret that, or maybe i prentend i do, i just was to busy to give any thoughts about that. Fred wake me a bit up this afternoon when beeing out. Was i not missing something in my life? When we finished our dinner there was a short moment where he looked deep into my eyes, after i told him that i was single also. A shiver run through my spine....

Before we left that placed, we found a bench and sit down. And yes we talked again - but this time about me, and my life. If i was satsified and happy. Fred was really nice and understanding and somehow he touched my heart and i opened myself to him.

And in the end i admit that my life was not very fortunate. And that i hide in my work. I opened my self completly to him, and we talked about all my last years, my youth. That i was gifted with so much intelligence. And that i always had the impression that anyone fear me, because of my intellect. That this was the reason i never had a boyfriend, and any experience in love. I take refuge in my educaiton, when i was a teenager, in my studies and in my work in the institute. But was I happy? Fred did ask me that. And i must confess, no i am not...

And then it happend, the evening was here, it was dark...we were sitting on the bench when he suddenly said: "Well, it has becoming late, I should probably go," He says kind of sadly, so i smile. But then he smiled back at me before pulling me towards him and embracing me, tightly. I let all resistance go and slip my arms around his waist and rest my head on his shoulder, and we stay likethis, together, for a long moment."

"I love you Deborah," he say to me in his beautful voice, giving m butterflies. But before i can repeat those sumole yet powerful words back to him, he quickly press his lips against mine, my first kiss, causing me to jump slightly from the surprise, before quickly melting into the kiss. Hi slides his hands slowly my arms giving me good bumps and a small shiver before letting them rest just above my huos, and i bring mine up around hus neck, holding him close to me.....

Read more in the third chapter, soon on this blog...

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Beeing the Mistress - a special fashion show

If you follow my blog, you may wonder how a woman that belives in the superiotity of the male gender can be a mistress also. Yes thats possible to dominate a male even if the woman is by nature the weaker gender. There are several reasons to rule against a male:

  1. Just a perfect gentleman ist superior to a woman. Males that are lazy with there own behaviour are surely not able to rule anything. They malfunction of nature, education or socialization, and even weaker then the weakest female. The major part of the menfolk nowadays is detoriated by the modern spirit of time. Weak themself, unable to do anything. 
  2. If it please a real gentleman to be dominated by a woman - then she has to follow his wish, and fullfill his needs.
We have the second case, in a long time male friend of me - Sean. He is a perfect gentleman but need some firm female hand (and maybe more) from time to time to find his personal strength.

This time i take him out, to rule against him, and present to you, my readers some new, Mistress style dresses i bought.

The first on the upper picture

Dress:  The Italian Mistress Princess Dress for Maitreya from **Dirty Princess**
Boots:  Blade Thigh High Boots - Black - [maitreya] from [Gos]
Hair:  "Lilya" Blonde 5 from DeLa

If you ask why Sean, is in a wheelchair. He had a accident currently with a experiment to increase the size of his genital. Because of this accident - he become so big in size that he is not able to walk anymore and is depended on a wheelchair all time (with some little exceptions you will see further on).

Second dress:

Dress: Electra leather dress - Maitreya by :TBO:
Hair:  "Lilya" Blonde 5 by =DeLa*=

 I skip the details what happen to Sean while i do my little fashion parade, you can imagine what - while you look at the pictures.

Third dress:
Sylvia Corset - Maitreya Lara by Hypnose
including gown and boots
Moonriver-Blonds by Vanity Hair

After the preparation of Sean, that take some hourse while i redress and keep him educated, he was redressed to what he enjoys most.

Beeing the puppy boy - is what he needs most. Crawling on all his fours allows him to stay without the wheelchair, and give him some little freedom. Of course the freedom that is allowed by me, his mistress.

Fourth dress:

Nails: My Long Round Nails . 10 . Maitreya by . PUKI .
Shoes:  PATENT MULES "Fatpack" for Maitreya High Feet by N-core
Dress: Slave me v2 - Black- Maitreya by unkown (i assume somewhere from the marketplace)

Takim him out in his puppy boy state may be a bit humilating, but fresh air is always nice :)

Last dress (for today):

Heels: MALVA Heels by Glamistry
Dress:  Ve Latex Exclusives by .Enfant Terrible.

All Pictures were taken at Raven Park a Femdom themed Hang-Out

Saturday, October 7, 2017

The new schedule

You are interested in regression? Then you may find here something interesting:

The schedule up there looks nice, maybe something for one of my daughters...