Saturday, July 14, 2018

Lingerie Party

We had a Lingerie Party at our home last weekend - including a fashion show. See the pictures from our models that take part here:

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Forced to be a bimbo - or is it a better life? (Part 3)

Yes i am aware i had let wait you a bit for this third part on the story of  Deborah that was forced to become a Bimbo. I have the pictures and Deborah's notes for the story some time around, but did not find the time to present it here - but now it comes.

The romance did go on a bit - Fred and i spent a wonderfull evening in the park, looking to the starts. Talking about astronomy and physics again, but also cuddle and kiss again. Kiss a lot...i never was very keen on that i thought before, but maybe i really missed something in the last years, when i was just interested on my work. I thought while he hold me in his strong arms and cherish me. And then it happens, he asked me if i like to go with him to his home. A moment i thought about, but then i forgot all retention and said finally yes. We kissed each ours long again before we left the park, and take the cab to the place i thought it was his house.

When we arrive, in a little shady area of the town - i did not care for it, i was to busy to cuddle and kiss with Fred even after the drive, he guided me out of the cab like a perfect gentleman. All that strange feelings i never had before, that way, with him - make me like drunk. I was total lost and in love. I even not wonder when he guided me to a staircase, on the left side of the house, that lead in to the basment of the house.

We enter a dark room, i did not spent much attention to it, as he kissed and hold me again. But suddenly he produced a gag in his hand which he fast move around my neck. And i feel how the it was pressed into my lips which were open from the kissing. I was gagged, i still not become worried as i thought this might be only a game.

"Dont worry," he said in a calming tone. I was total overwhelmed about the feeling beeing gagged, something was sticking in my mouth and prevent i can speak, or even scream, all that was unpossible. He hold me tight, gagged, and i was not sure what i should do, he just was the man i thought i love.
"I just want the best for you, show you what you missed the last years," he said again. And to my own suprise i let him do what he want. I still was in love - and blind for everything. Even as he put something like a handcuff around my right wrist, i do start to panic or fight against. I just was total overpowered from what happen to me. I just noticed that he hold me with that handcuff on some leash, i could not move away, he had control over me.

He had a firm grip, make it unable to me to show any resistance, as he started to undress me. And he made it like a game of love - still kiss me and hugg me while my clothes fall to the floor - until i stand nearly total naked in this room - only wearing my shoes, and that big gag in my mouth, that make it unable to me to speak or call for help, which i even not would have done in this moment. It would have been better i would have screamed loud, loud as i could - even the gag prevent it - maybe my muffled screams would have been heared by someone. But that i do now, and i not at thime - i was so stupid and thought it is just some game.

I thought that still as he opened a door of a cage and push me in on the leash i had now. He closed the door and after her removed the leash from the handcuff on my right wrist.

He said: "Have A good night, Deborah - you will start to enjoy what will happen to you sooner or later." With that words he left the room, and i was in that cage - unable to leave the place. Now a little panic come up, my mind become a bit clearer, as i looked around and did see several more cages in this dark room - all empty. I did hear someone walking on the floor above me, i guess it is Fred. I tried to get rid of that gag, that fill my mouth, but notice that it was locked at my back where it was closed. It was from rigid leather, without any chance to get it off. It sicked in my mouth - i sinked to the floor. The floor was cold. I was naked and feel it on my skin. I tried to scream but nothing come out, besides it make me exhausted. Exhausted more. I thought about my situation, looked in the darkness for some possibility to escape from here - did not find any, and at one point i must have fallen to sleep...

to be continued...

New shoes ... for Christine

Today it was time to get some new shoes for Christiane.

After we visit the special orthopaedic shoemaker, we went a bit out to have a coffee...

...or more that i have a coffee. As Christiane is only allowed to take off her orthodontic devices in the morning, at lunch time and in the evening, for havin a meal, she just has to wittness how i had coffee. But as she is used now more or lesst, to her different form of treatements, she patiently give me company. Talking with her while she wear her braces, is of course always a little issue. But in general we had a nice afternoon together.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

You need some beauty treatment?

My son in law opened finally and officially his Beauty Parlour. Fil is a handsome young gentleman that knows what is important for every woman of style. He offer you the following services:

- Hairstyling
- Mainicure
- Pedicure
- Full Makeup
- Massages
- Stay at the spa
- and he will join you to every shopping trip you like, and assist you patiently with adivice and help.

Interested? Then call Fil Korhonen or visit his beauty parlor in world at Red Island

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Obey right! :)

What a stunning picture i stumbled over today...had to share it! For more like this have a look here:

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Lovely maid

It is sunday - so a opportunity to spent the afternoon teatime in the right dress...

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Friends and Family: Yvon Rhode

In the next months i will present short introductions of friends and our family members here on this blog. The start comes von Yvon Rhode - a long time friend of me:

Yvon was born and raised in a well-to-do family, received top education which came to a sudden halt during her second year at the university when her dad’s company went bankrupt. No servants and maids, on a very low budget living in a cheap apartment, her parents deceased within a year.
Without any financial support  Yvon accepted a job as teacher at a high class boarding school for young ladies where she stayed for a number of rather pleasant years. It was at that time that she met Redath Pearle and a few of her staff, Rose and Lina, at Redath’s  Institute.
When one of her distant aunts died, she inherited a substantial sum, which allowed Yvon to stop with her job, much to the chagrin of many of her riper pupils…. She is now 43, an attractive classy lady, always perfectly dressed. Being wealthy, she could afford to take up long distance sailing, and usually travel throughout the year visiting interesting places and lady friends. It was during one of these recent journeys that she met her old friend Redath again, who revealed that she had married Tack Fadel, stopped with her work as orthodontist, and closed the Institute.
Recently Yvon had the pleasure in meeting Redath’s daughter Debbie (here raising the eyebrows almost unnoticeable), her protégée Anna, and very briefly only, her tastefully dressed, delightful and well behaved daughter Maria.
Yvon has no fixed abode, but when not staying with friends, lives in the ‘Pink Lady’, a small but luxury yacht which is her pride and joy, normally moored at the Nantucket Yacht Club, if not sailing.

Issues have to be solved

 To have a forced feminized daugher is not always easy- and can keep you busy...

Sary was in general doing good in the last months. It seems she get used to her new life, as woman. Until a special evening - i decided that it is time for her to go out - as she is still in her 20s to a posh club of course. I dressed her up, she already was a bit stubborn when i show her what dress i want her to wear, when i told her that i expect that she try to get known to some boys, and expect that she return with one in the evening from the club, she get upset. Her former male behaviour come through, and she behave really bad....

...after 10 minutes of drama, i told her to stop, take her on her hand and lead her to a special room in our house.

 She was underessed partly and placed over my lap. You can imagine, what then follow. To stop her obscene behaviour she get a spanking.