Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Real Life: Enema and diapers

Today while surfing the web i found a interesting recommendation, so to say, for a combination of Enema's and diapers. Orginally that is not so much my interest, but it has some aspect that is rather kinky and worth to discover more...

Mmm. I don’t remember where I originally saw it (probably the old wetset forums), but this is the photoset that turned me on to combining bondage with diapers and/or enemas. 

Imagine: You’ve been bound, administered a high-volume enema, and put in a clean diaper. You’re instructed to hold the enema for 20 minutes and promised much kinkier punishment if you ruin your fresh diaper.
This shouldn’t be a problem.. You’ve held similar-quantity enemas for just as long before. But unknown to you, you’ve been doomed from the start. Your enema was laced with a laxative to ensure your failure.
Before long, your insides start to gurgle and cramp. Your breathing becomes heavy, and small beads of sweat start to form on your skin. You groan through your gag and clench your hole as tight as you can, but your body has other plans. Within less than a minute (though you swear afterwards that it felt like an hour), your hole betrays you by loosening slightly. The pressure inside of you takes care of the rest. Your body is trembling with a combination of relief and excited panic as the entire contents of your bowels gush out into your diaper. 
You’re informed that you only had two minutes left to go, but almost doesn’t count! Did you forget that there was an even kinkier punishment in store for you if you failed?
I usually prefer being a sub, but that’s a situation I wouldn’t mind being on either end of. >:D
         What cool as punishment would also like to

Orginally from tumblr.

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